Digital Psychosis EP 2013-05-20

1. Bugger 8:07 / 145 BPM
2. Rejected 7:47 / 144 BPM
3. Ms2k 2006 Remix 7:56 / 142 BPM
4. Digital Psychosis 2006 Remix 8:47 / 142 BPM
5. 4th Dimension 2007 Remix 7:19 / 145 BPM

Alien Civilization EP 2013-05-20

1. Alien Civilization 7:31 / 143 BPM
2. Cactus 8:03 / 145 BPM
3. Mork Sirap 6:50 / 143 BPM
4. Spheres of Sound 8:25 / 143 BPM

Free release! The Omega Point 2012-04-03

01 - PharaOm - Rainbow Project (145 BPM)
02 - Siam - Colorful Expansion (142 BPM)
03 - Nova Fractal - Connect (145 BPM)
04 - Trinodia - Deceive My Eyes (139 BPM)
05 - InnerSelf - Modules (150 BPM)
06 - Agneton - Wizards From The Future (Afterlife Remix) (153 BPM)
07 - Arronax - The Dark Flow (144 BPM)
08 - Somnesia - Eternal Life (147 BPM)
09 - Psyrius - Draconid (Imba's Be My Light Remix) (85 BPM)

Neogoa returns with brand new compilation entitled The Omega Point, a collection of previously unreleased tracks by established artists, all of whom released material on Neogoa and many other labels during the last two years. The Omega Point theory refers to a cosmological mechanism for the resurrection of the dead proposed by American mathematical physicist and cosmologist Frank J. Tipler. All tracks are carefully selected by label head Richpa with mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs. Cover artwork by Ivan Parić at Neogoa Design.

Stargazing 2012-02-08

Ovnimoon Records welcomes Trinodia aka Daniel Eldstroem to our label with a presentation of his newest full length album titled 'Stargazing'.

From track one through to track eight the listener will be shocked and amazed to hear such artistic and perfectly crafted old school style Goa trance music made with completely modern production quality. The album gets capped off with track nine giving a taste from his down-tempo chill-out side project Voxel9.

'Stargazing' is a concept album with each track having a focus on deep space observations, presented through intelligent and epic melodic sounds and patterns not heard often in current music trends.

Daniel is from Sweden and first found his love for performing psychedelic trance in 1992, since then he has been perfecting his sound and releasing his musical creations on his own and through net-labels since 2003.

All psytrance fans are sure to enjoy this musical adventure through the cosmos while at home or while trancing on your favourite dance-floors anywhere in the universe. Be prepared for much more amazing music from Trinodia as well as upcoming albums from his Voxel9 ambient side project.

Free release! Dimensional Gateway 2 2011-12-01

Part 1
01 - PharaOm & Leyra - Intro(spection) (137 BPM)
02 - Aerosis - Zen Hyperbabble (146 BPM)
03 - Cybernetika - Eclipsis (Cycle Mix) (151 BPM)
04 - Daimon - Edge Of Darkness (140 BPM)
05 - Psychowave - Pataxo Ayonat (147 BPM)
06 - Deimos - Funkscape 2.0 (140 BPM)
07 - Erot - Binary Perception (80 BPM)

Part 2
01 - Screw Loose - Mentally Unfit (145 BPM)
02 - Cosmic Silence - Electric Manna (143 BPM)
03 - Nova Fractal - Reality Of Life (145 BPM)
04 - Radical Distortion - Goa Station (140 BPM)
05 - Trinodia - Lasers And Demons (142 BPM)
06 - BlackStarrFinale - Classic Attack (146 BPM)
07 - Mindsphere - Presence (107 BPM)

After exactly one year, Neogoa‘s first compilation (voted the best compilation of 2010) gets a sequel: Dimensional Gateway 2. Over 120 minutes of high-quality Goa trance and psytrance music from all over the world is presented on this compilation alongside printable cover artwork and high-resolution wallpapers and posters. The style of the first part of this compilation can be described as darker and more experimental while the second part focuses more on melodic side of Goa trance. All tracks were carefully selected by label head Richpa, while mastering was done by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs and cover artwork design by Ivan Parić at Neogoa Design.

Free release! Human History 2011-05-16

01 - Planet Number 12 (138 BPM)
02 - Human History (141 BPM)
03 - Annunaki (141 BPM)
04 - Wars Of The Gods (141 BPM)
05 - Scientific Mechanism (140 BPM)
06 - Time And Gravity (138 BPM)
07 - Inspired Brains (141 BPM)

Trinodia (Daniel Eldström) is back with another Goa trance release, Human History, his second on Underground Alien Factory Records. This time he has taken his music to another level with epic melodies and spacey soundscapes that will send your mind on a journey. The album consists of seven unreleased tracks that will take you on a trip into human history with a twist. Once more, follow the melodies and the beats into the world of Trinodia’s music! Mastering by Keamia and cover art by Richpa.

Free release! Future Architecture 2011-03-01

01 - Somnesia - Sunlight (143 BPM)
02 - BlackStarrFinale - Icarus One (145 BPM)
03 - Project Shidartha - Astral Levitation (145 BPM)
04 - Nova Fractal - Perplexed (146 BPM)
05 - Grand Cheff - Lady Of Steel (147 BPM)
06 - Sky Technology - Indian Spiciness (148 BPM)
07 - Stellarians - Penumbra's Sanctuary (144 BPM)
08 - Siam - In Void (140 BPM)
09 - Trinodia - No More War (131 BPM)

After a successful mission in 2010, two leading new school Goa trance netlabels, Neogoa and Underground Alien Factory Records, join forces to present a mutual project called Future Architecture. The main goal of this release is to introduce several new artists while providing you with new tracks by already known artists as well. Future Architecture is meant to be a unique trip to the mysterious world of Goa trance music so make sure you don’t miss it! Compiled by Imba and Richpa with cover artwork by Richpa and mastering by Deimos.

Free release! Unknown Space 2010-09-03

01 - Unknown Space (140 BPM)
02 - Epic Feel (137 BPM)
03 - One (Total Charm Remix) (140 BPM)
04 - Ufo Sightings (140 BPM)

Trinodia (Daniel Eldström) takes a step back into Goa trance with Unknown Space, a brand new release from the prolific Underground Alien Factory Records. Trinodia is more commonly known for releasing full-on in the last few years so this is a change of pace for the Swedish project! These tracks are packed with melodies, ambient landscapes, and beats of both the new and classic Goa trance style that takes you on a trip away from reality. This is just the beginning of the journey that lies ahead; follow the melodies and the beats into the world of Trinodia’s music. Mastering by and cover art by

Free release! Epic Feel 2010-03-05

1 Trinodia-Epic Feel
2 Trinodia-Ants Utopia
3 Trinodia-Watch The Skies
4 Trinodia-Unknown Space

4 selected tracks, produced by Daniel  Eldström aka Trinodia, a very talented artist from Göteborg/Sweden.
Trinodias music-style is Full-On Psychedelic Trance with Ambient influences and alot of details.
If you like the tracks, you surely want to have a closer look at for upcoming releases
and to the artists profile at

Frost Bites 2008-04-01

01 Miraculix vs Trinodia - Supernatural
02 Miraculix vs Trinodia - Real Deal
03 Miraculix - The Reporter
04 Miraculix - Inspector Gadget
05 Miraculix vs Trinodia - Half Past Dead (PsyNina Remix)

PsyTropic Records is proud to present Miraculix latest work with the EP "Frost Bites" containing four previously unreleased smashing tracks and one remix by PsyNina.

Miraculix is Thomas Hammerstrom born in 09.11.1980 and comes from Sweden. After 2 Studio albums and nearly 22 releases on different compilations from Labels all over the world, Miraculix shows now with "Frost Bites" his new stage of PsyTrance music ! It is massive, it is powerful, it is creative and innovative. So dare to feel the new Miraculix at its best with new and superclean produced tracks and twisted elements from another sphere intruding into your so-ordered life where you want to break out.

Smashing at home, over your headphones and finally on the dancefloor to flip-out and become insane.
Don't tell us we didn't warn you...

Soundwaves 2008-01-04

1. The Greatest Glory MIRACULIX
2. Heaven Underground ULTRAVOICE
3. Extra Motions TRINODIA
4. Liquid Sky 2 MINDS
5. B 4 Destiny SOL
6. Time On Limited MIXED EMOTIONS
8. Synthesizer INDRA
9. El Fauna BOHEMICA
10. Yano Mindfunk SHAMONK

'Sound Waves' is the second compilation from upcoming Swedish label 'Laugh and Dance Records'.

This VA shows that the Scandinavian FullOn is on the move! And that, together with the Israeli sound, there is a new unstoppable force breaking through from up north.The Sound Waves Compilation is filled with Powerful and melodic FullOn trance, giving the listener that phat punch in the guts, over and over again.

After the labels first CD 'The Hidden Dimension' there were no questions about whether there was going to be a follow up of the hit track from Swedish trance-duo 'Electroscape'. And this time they present a truly atmospheric tune which could easily become a new favourite on the energetic dance floors across Europe. Swedish S.o.L and Trinodia are no longer newcomers and they are certain to deliver a well produced sound. Their tracks together with Miraculix set the pace early on in this 80 minute journey of psychedelic frenzy!

The Swedes have built up a good vibe that peaks when the Israeli influences are subtly interwoven to just the right proportion Mixed Emotions and 2-Minds give us mind-blowing melodies and just to spice things up Ultravoice and Indra reminds us of why this combination of Scandinavian and Israeli trance fits so well! In the end Bohemica and Shamonk present the two final reasons why you should run off to the club straight away and dance instead of calling it a night!

This compilation of Scandinavian Full On will really rock your socks off!


The Hidden Dimension 2007-05-18

3. Ten times more powerfull than the sun MOJO JOJO
5. Love Story ANANDA SHAKE
6. New Thoughts SOL
7. Funkyfish DIDRAPEST
8. Flare 10b PANTA REI

Laugh and Dance Records has evolved from a local group of party organizers in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Powered by the event company 'Mumix' and the web community 'Swedish Mushroom', and with the determination to introduce Full on into the Swedish club scene, the Laugh and Dance team has during the last three years taken the place as the premier Swedish promoter and event organizer.

Among the artists playing at these events we've had the pleasure to see Perplex, Didrapest, Ananda Shake, Trinodia and S.o.L.

The Laugh and Dance sound can be recognized as a joyful, high tempo, melodic trance sound. Pretty much typical Full On, but we also present some dark and dirty tunes in the form of Progressive/ Hi-Tech trance and Progressive/ Elecro-house. The vision of this company is not only to bring our Swedish crowd well produced dance music but also to become somewhat equivalent in the trance/ house scene in Scandinavia as for example how Ministry of Sound has established themselves in the European club scene.